2018 Sermons

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December 2018
2018-12-30 Tolerance vs. Acceptance by Wyane Atkinson
2018-12-23 The Christmas Challenge: When God Was His Most Vulnerable by Wyane Atkinson
2018-12-16 The Christmas Challenge: When Satan Does His Worst by Wyane Atkinson
2018-12-09 The Christmas Challenge: When God Doesn’t Make Sense by Wyane Atkinson
2018-12-02 A Loving Church by Tim Gunnells

November 2018
2018-11-25 Thanks for the Chaos by Wyane Atkinson
2018-11-18 God Created to Include by Daniel Hayes
2018-11-11 Testing the Spirits by Kevin Stewart
2018-11-04 Dangerous Prayers: Speak to Me by Glenn Newton

October 2018
2018-10-28 Dangerous Prayers: Send Me by Wyane Atkinson
2018-10-21 Dangerous Prayers: Stop Me by Wyane Atkinson
2018-10-14 Dangerous Prayers: Stretch Me by Wyane Atkinson
2018-10-07 What Prayer Tells Us About God by Tim Gunnells

September 2018
2018-09-30 Dangerous Prayers: Search Me by Wyane Atkinson
2018-09-23 What Was I Thinking? by Wyane Atkinson
2018-09-16 Finding Hope: From Deep Space to Daisies by Shawn White
2018-09-09 When Small Is Big by Wyane Atkinson
2018-09-02 Front Door Christianity by Wyane Atkinson

August 2018
2018-08-26 The Second Chair by Pedro Mauco
2018-08-19 Four Seasons of Recovery: FALL – A Time of Honesty by Wyane Atkinson
2018-08-12 The God of Doors by Joey Peacher
2018-08-05 Four Seasons of Recovery: SUMMER – A Time of Building by Wyane Atkinson

July 2018
2018-07-29 Four Seasons of Recovery: SPRING – A Time of Hope by Wyane Atkinson
2018-07-22 Four Seasons of Recovery: WINTER – A Time of Acknowledgment by Wyane Atkinson
2018-07-15 DIVINE DESIGN: The Common Good by Wyane Atkinson
2018-07-08 Stories of Grace by Penney Nichols
2018-07-01 DIVINE DESIGN: The Need for Complimentary Gifts by Wyane Atkinson

June 2018
2018-06-24 DIVINE DESIGN: The Need for Accountability by Wyane Atkinson
2018-06-17 DIVINE DESIGN: Encouragement and Exhortation by Wyane Atkinson
2018-06-10 DIVINE DESIGN: Design Basics of God’s Workmanship by Wyane Atkinson
2018-06-03 Great Faith Surprises by Mike Jones

May 2018
2018-05-27 The Great Commission by Princeton Palmer
2018-05-20 Standing on Our Own Three Feet by Wyane Atkinson
2018-05-13 The Many Faces of Motherhood by Wyane Atkinson
2018-05-06 The Way of the Cross by Dalton Johnson

April 2018
2018-04-29 The Life You Were Meant to Live by Tim Gunnells
2018-04-22 WHAT IF…Our Ministry Was Our Neighborhood? by Wyane Atkinson 
2018-04-15 – Raising Up the Next Generation by Wyane Atkinson and Dalton Johnson
2018-04-08 – Who God Says You Are by Scott Elliott
2018-04-01 “The Power of a Day” Easter Service – lesson was presented throughout the worship service. We invite you to view our live streaming video – click here.

March 2018
2018-03-25 WHAT IF…We Were Really Unified as a Body of Believers? by Wyane Atkinson
2018-03-18 – WHAT IF…We Were Confident in our Message to the World? by Wyane Atkinson
2018-03-11 – WHAT IF…Fear Didn’t Exist? by Wyane Atkinson
2018-03-04 – WHAT IF… Your Faith Was Unshakeable? by Wyane Atkinson

February 2018
2018-02-25 Our Destiny by Brad Dacus
2018-02-18 Come and Learn! by Zac Luben
2018-02-11 WHAT IF…We Really Knew Our Neighbors? by Wyane Atkinson
2018-02-04 When God Builds: The Early Church by Wyane Atkinson

January 2018
2018-01-28 Essential Gratitude by Shawn White
2018-01-21 When God Builds: Nehemiah by Wyane Atkinson
2018-01-14 When God Builds: Joshua and Israel by Wyane Atkinson
2018-01-07 The Parable of God by Wyane Atkinson

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