The Power of ONE: ONE Voice by Nathan Freeman

Written by Davina White on Mar 05, 2017 in - No Comments

pofo-white-on-blackIn an effort to be more intentional and focused on living out our faith in our everyday lives, our elders have declared “The Power of ONE” to be our theme at Canyon Church for 2017.  This year we will be focusing on the subject of unity – to find a closer unity with God and with each other, and learn how that united faith spurs us to action.

Listen in as our senior minister, Nathan Freeman, looks at 1 Samuel 16:23, Zephaniah 3:17, 1 Chronicles 29:9-13, and other scriptures as we learn about uniting in one voice as we worship God together.   Canyon Members, Phil & Carol Hatler, were asked to join Nathan during his lesson, and share from their knowledge and experiences regarding a cappella singing.

Click on the link above to stream the audio online, or to download it to your computer or device.