We Are What We Love by Shawn White

Written by Davina White on Jan 01, 2017 in - No Comments

We were pleased to have one of Canyon’s members, Shawn White, bring us this day’s lesson as he filled in for our minister, Nathan Freeman, while he was out of town. Shawn recently graduated from Biola University with a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics. He’s now attending Faulkner University, working towards a Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities. Shawn regularly teaches classes at Canyon for adults and teens, and is currently co-teaching an adult class on “Introduction to Worldview and Apologetics” at 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings.  In this lesson he examines Philippians 4:8 and other Scriptures as we ask ourselves the question, “What do we love and seek after?”

Click on the link above to stream the audio online, or to download it to your computer or device.